Milos piggery is a 600 sow unit that has been in production since 1975. A second new 600 sow unit is currently under construction. Take a brief tour with us through the process of producing pork.

Firstly, we begin with superior breeding stock, selected from out top stud producers in South Africa.

Secondly, the sows visit the boars in our air-conditioned "Honeymoon Suite", and hopefully, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days later, the sow will farrow down a litter of 10 pigletts on average. Gentle, tender loving care is needed at this stage, capably given by our well trained staff. Dry, warm bedding, heating and spotlessly clean conditions are the order of the day.

Slowly solid feed is introduced to the pigletts until they are able to be removed from their mothers, and continue with their growing process.

Behind the scenes, a lot more takes place.



Various high quality feed rations are mixed on the farm, using raw materials of high standards sourced both locally and overseas.

Effecient utilisation of feed, which is constantly monitored by our vet and feed nutritionist, plays an extremely important role in producing a leaner meat, a demand and right of consumers today.


"IT", the buzz word of the moment, and yes, used extensively in the piggery. Computerised records ensure that correct procedures are carried out at the right time and place, costs are controlled, and via the Internet, vital advice received from all over the world.


All of our pigs are housed indoors, built to the latest designs and trends world wide. Requirements differ from building to building, and include features such as insulated ceilings, heaters, air conditioning, and automatic feeding. Designs and layouts are constantly changing world-wide, and we, after careful evaluations, and proud to be associated with being leaders in accepting and implementing changes, changes that are ultimately for the benefit of the pork consumer.